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Re: Vallisneria problems

Ron Mills <ronmills at webtv_net> wrote:
> I have a 20 high with vallisneria, various swords, and crypts species.
> The val has basically stopped growing and has started to shed its
> leaves. The ech tennelus has transparent leaves, and the other sword
> plant has little or no growth.  The crypts have have yellowish green
> leaves but continues to put out healthy growth. My tank conditions are
> ph 7.6, hard water, full spectrum lighting, laterite in gravel,
> occasional liquid fertilizer. It would seem some trace element/mineral
> is lacking, because just a few months ago I was pulling out handfuls of
> excessive growth of the val. Any help would be appreciated.

This is only a guess, but I suspect a shortage of nitrogen. You could
get a nitrate test kit or try adding a 1/4 tsp. of K2NO3 to see if the
plants green up. I think you should think about the major nutrients
before the micro-nutrients. Do you have any small holes in the older
leaves of the Echinodorus species? I'm wondering if leaf holes might be
also related to N deficiency and looking for corroboration.