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several beginner's questions

1) when you buy potted plants that come in rockwool, is it best to unpot
them or leave them in that unsightly material?

2) is it advisable to pot up plants in soil or peat in small clay pots
and bury it in the substrate, in order to give them something to feed on?
 if not, what's a good fertilizer (tablet or liquid) that folks would

3) re: lights, did i understand correctly that some folks use 3 bulbs
over a 55-gallon tank?  do they make 3-bulb fixtures?

4) i'm finally thinking of investing in test kits.  in addition to the
basic (pH, nitrite, nitrate, hardness), what other tests should i

thanks so much for your indulgence and help.

tsuh yang chen, new york city

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