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RE : Personal Goals /OPTIMUM

In response to Karen's Request .. i am officially reporting in :

1.  this is a way to express whatever little bit of artistic
talent i may have .. through a beatifully set up aquarium relative
to what my eyes think ..

2.  something to spend time with while meditating on the things that
have transpired within the day .. believe me it helps .. relax the mind

3.  something to do especially on those boring days .. creating DIY
stuff and thinking of how to improve them ..

4.  my love for seing my fish breed in the tank itself even if i dont
get to raise the fry .. for me this means that the fish are happy and
i am giving them an environment - if not same - close to what nature 
has given them 

5.  i love to add data to my memory banks .. this for me will help
us and hopefully others to realize what man can do to help out mother
nature restore what also man has done to our planet

6.  something that i can use to teach my kids about aquatic stuff 

7.  moderate maintenance time needed

8.  something that can make visitors sit quietly and stare at the tank
for hours on end .. LOL .. and of course hearing them say how beautiful
the tank is

Michael Cordero