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SAEs (somewhat off topic)

>Recently, all four of my SAEs died overnight for no apparent reason. I have
>>other fish (angels, loaches, and corys) in the same tank that were not
>>affected.  The tank is planted and has been established for about six
>WOW!! I'm not alone!  It happened to me a few months ago also.  I lost
>three in two days, one survived and continues to thrive today.  Angels,
>Gouramis, platys, molly, octs, loaches showed no signs of any stress during
>the dieoff.  My tank had been up for nine months, but had only been planted
>for approximately six.
My disaster tank also started with SAEs dying without me knowing. My tank
was 6 month old with lush growth. Now that I recall, this might have been
the cause. 

I removed huge amounts of Echinodorus Tenellus which covered about 40% of
my substrate AT ONE GO! They were growing too fast and I decided to find
another foreground plant. Two days after and my SAEs were dead!

Did my action caused some serious upset to my tank's condition? I did not
change any other factors eg CO2 rate and lighting. Bitter, bitter lesson.

Kenny Song
Penang, Malaysia 
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