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Blackwater Essence

In my LFS, I came across the above Conditioner. I was wondering how true
are the claims stated on the packaging, reproduced below.

"Blackwafer Essence conditioner has develop a secret formula for
reproduction and survival of aquarium fishes especially sensitive species
like Discus, Tetras, Angels, Killifish, Barbs etc. It contains peat
extract, humic acid, biologically active tannins naturally occuring
vitamins and plant hormones. It effectively recreate natural habitats for
fish where they could adapt to it easily.
Blackwater Essence will enhance the colouration of the fish but does not
discolour the water. It also aids plant growth and even prevents algae

What are your views concerning its claims and are there some relevant
truths to its claim? Appreciate any feedback as I might try it on my 25
gallon planted tank which houses only cardinals. Thanks.

Kenny Song
Penang, Malaysia 
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