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Eheim diffusor review

First I had made a list of aquarium CO2 diffusors:

Maker                           Description                     Price

Amano Nature Aquarium Imports   pollen glass CO2 distributor     55  TFP
   (Aquarium Design Amano)
Eheim                           ceramic kit   pn 6060300         28
Hawaiian Marine
Dupla                           sintered glass diffuser          35  Daleco

Point Four                      sintered glass plate diffuser    52- various

I had to try the Eheim (recall, number two on my priority list is cheap).

It arrived today.   Comments:

Very high quality construction for the price
Uses very small air hose tubing
Runs at a high pressure (12-16PSI, 1 atm)


I like it except, at that pressure, you could lose a whole lot of CO2 in a
few minutes.  I think I will stick with a low pressure (1-3PSI) system.

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