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Sources for K2SO4 (PMDD ingredient)

For those of you using PMDD for plant fertilizer, you might be interested to
know that sources of some its ingredients are drying up.  I just called
about a half dozen places who used to sell things like K2SO4 to individuals,
but no longer.  They want to sell to "companies" now.  Supposedly, DEA is
cracking down on them.

I checked the APD archives and found a listing (thanks to Mark Fisher) for
K2SO4 from the Light Manufacturing Company in Portland Oregon
(http://www.litemanu.com) or 1-800-669-5483. They are still selling K2SO4 at
$5.00 a pound with shipping at $9.00 (I live in Virginia).  If I took my
time, I could probably find a closer source, but a pound will last me
forever, so I am satisfied.  If you decide to call Light Mfg., talk to Eric.


Ken Guin
Kenguin at homemail_com