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Re: GE Bulbs.

In a message dated 98-08-04 04:17:53 EDT, Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com

 The GE plant and aquarium bulb is a rather low Kelvin bulb (3200 or so?)
 with a distinctly pinkish tint.
 It is dim, relative to other "plant lights" and the color is not pleasing, at
 least not to me (so CRI must be low too).
 Not recommended, in my opinion.
 Roxanne Bittman >>

To the naked eye I would agree it is low in intensity.  However keep in mind
its spectrul is very wide compared to the daylight or soft white tubes.  In
past I used to balance one of these bulbs with a daylight bulb for apearance
and had great results with my plants.  Lately I'm trying the Chroma 50's with
these and the plants definatly like them better however there appears more
of yellow cast.  If you have enough space for 4 tubes an idea might be for
one chroma 50, one Plant and Aquarium, and two daylights to give you good
plant results as well as a pleasing effect.