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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #437

Hello Steve, Kudzu & All:
> Kudzu mentioned about building a tank using plywood, glass and
> fiberglass. Just a guess, but I'd be worried about the exposed epoxy
> plastic used to make fiberglass composites. Perhaps the best thing would
> be to coat it with an enamel or marine paint. Does anybody know the best
> kind of paint to use in such a situation?

I wouldn't worry about the exposed epoxy. The JLB Smith Icthylogical 
Institute (named after the guy who rediscovered the Coelocanth) here 
at Rhodes University uses fibreglass tanks for rearing trout and 
Redfins. No coatings needed. Just make sure the final gel layer is 
good and thick. The glass fibres are much more hazardous to the fish.


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