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Modified Plenum

I'm having good success with a reef style plenum using PMDD in a 65 gallon
tank.  I have a 20 tall that I'm considering for an experiment.  Rather than
the full plenum, I thought I would fill the lower inch or so with relatively
large gravel, then mix in about a half inch or so of 2mm gravel, then a couple
of inches of topsoil/2mm gravel, topped with an inch of washed 2mm gravel.
Except for about an inch wide band all around the edges of the tank which
would be the 2mm gravel from top to bottom.  The idea beiing that with a
powerhead making a lot of current there would be circulation to carry the PMDD
through the substrate.  Alternatively, I can get what is called "sandy loam"
in lieu of topsoil which has little organic material in it.  Any thoughts?