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Aponogeton crispus shoot/seedling

I've had an Aponogeton crispus flowering steadily for a few months.  I
usually clip the shoots when they start to annoy me, although it sends a
new one to the surface within a day or two (there's no escape for the
shoots in a 30 gallon with a glass lid, they just wrap around, and
around, at the surface).  

I left them go (three shoots at once) this time, and noticed seeds for
the first time.  One of them started to grow, but never dropped off. 
The shoot turned a dark green color for a quarter inch in either
direction (almost looked like an isolated algae problem) and the baby
crispus just started growing, about a half inch below the water

I've now taken that section of shoot off of the mother plant (the shoot
was starting to decay, anyway).  I've got the section lodged under a
wedge of bogwood, so the tiny plant is in more or less direct light but
its little roots have access to the substrate.  

Is this appropriate care?  Do baby crispus seem to have particularly
high light needs?  Is it normal for a seedling never to separate from
the shoot?  Should I separate it?  (I'd rather leave it attached, so I
can tell it apart from the dwarf sag runners.)  Should I lodge it closer
to the surface (it doesn't float)?  

Also, there were a few other seeds on that shoot.  Once there are seeds,
are they necessarily fertilized?  Should I give them the same treatment?

Alysoun McLaughlin
in Wheaton, Maryland