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Re: Recommended plants for hard, alkaline water?

Dana J. Scott wrote:

>Can anyone recommend specific plants that do well in hard (100 to 250 ppm
>depending on how well my water softener is functioning - much harder if I
>run out of salt) water with an average pH of 8.0?  Thanks.

My water is very hard, and my pH is very high, in the ranges you mention.  I 
don't use any water softener because  of the NaCL (salt), although I'm going to 
start trying to control hardness with bottled RO water.  I have 2 watts per gal 
for a 55 gallon tank.  My substrate is Monterey beach sand only (finer than 
typical aquarium gravel, courser than sand).  I don't fertilize (except for my 
fish and fish food), although I do add micronutrients (Kent's Freshwater Plant 
supplement and/or Red Sea's AquaFlora).  I do have a DIY yeast CO2 generator, 
but the pH is so high, I can't get a good reading;  it's probably not critical 
with the amount of light I have.

Here's what my plants are doing:

Explosive growth:
Hygro. polysperma (tropic sun)
Cabomba caroliniana

Healthy growth:
Dwarf Sagittaria
Vallisneria spiralis
Crypt. wendtii

Slow growth, but apparently healthy:
lobelia cardinalis
Amazon Swordplant

Pathetic, but surviving:
anacharis (this one's supposed to be easy!)
unidentified Crypt. sp.
green hedge


 - Anthony