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Carbon properties

Hi Luca,

What about the size of the pores, for SIPORAX it is 60 to 300 microns
which correspond exactly to the hollow spaces in loose-packed earth
according to SCHOTT. The surface area for activated carbon might be
much more but would the pores be too small?

Casey Huang


>	Re: Re: Carbon properties
>Date: Thu, 06 Aug 1998 15:21:04 +0200
>From: Luca Specchio <luckyluca at mclink_it>
>Subject: Re: Re: Carbon properties

>Furthermore what makes carbon different is the total surface that it offers
>to the bacteria for colonizing. If you think that new filtering media such
>as EHEIM EFHISUBSTRAT or SCOTT SIPORAX offer surface of from 300 to 450 m^2
>per liter, and the DUPLA activated carbon (for example) offer 540.000 m^2
>per liter !!!