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RE: NA native plants

>>Well, there are _WAY_ too many species to list.  I have at least 4
books on
native aquatic plants on my book shelf, and none of them cover the
USA, let alone NA.<<

Well I really should have said Aquarium plants and available
commercially. I am not worried about a complete list, just thought it
would be nice if there were some easy to grow native plants available.
Since I am doing native fish it would be nice to have the same is

>>I wouldn't use plywood.  I wouldn't trust either the wood or the
used.  plexiglass or glass will work fine, however.   Plexiglass has
slight advantage that you can make curved lines with it rather than
straight lines with it<<

Again I should have explained myself a bit better. I am going to build
this tank. It will be a plywood tank with glass windows. Once I get
the box built and cut outs for the glass I will be adding a coat of
Epoxy resin and a very thin sheet of fiberglass cloth inside. What I
was thinking was that it would be really simple to add some dividers
and glass them in at construction. The wood would be encased in epoxy
and not exposed. The Plexiglas could be used to add more once the tank
was built. I was thinking of adding some strips like this along the
floor under the tank to add some strength. They would work just as
well inside as out.

Thank you very much Karen! BTW I passed on the School URL about your
Program to the NFC mailing list. They are talking about doing
something very similar to educate kids on the native fish and
conservation efforts.

Jeff <*\\><
www.airnet.net/kudzu/ "Kudzu's Christian Clipart Collection"