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NA native plants

"Kudzu"  wrote:

>Can anyone give me a list of native North American Aquatic Plants? I
>am thinking of setting up a new tank I am going to build with native
>fish. I was thinking that it would be nice to just use native plants
>with the fish if I could locate enough variety to make an attractive
>tank. I searched the Archives but didn't find anything.

Well, there are _WAY_ too many species to list.  I have at least 4 books on
native aquatic plants on my book shelf, and none of them cover the entire
USA, let alone NA.

As a good starting place for ID's of plants from S.E. USA is

But if you want to be true-to-nature, go out and observe the plants in the
areas that you are collecting your native fish.  If it's an area that is
"freindly" to aquatic plants, you should be able to find quite a selection
right there.  I once sat in my husband's fishing boat in shallow water, and
WITHOUT MOVING THE BOAT was able to collect close to a dozen different
species. (not all were native<g>)  Of these, I'd say about 8 transitioned
well to aquarium life.

Please remember that if you collect native plants _or_ animals, you are
responsible for them for the rest of their lives, _and_ responsible for the
proper disposal.  It is really not safe even to return them to the exact
point where they were caught once they have been in a fishroom.

>Since I don't want the plants to spread into the different areas I was
>toying with the idea of adding some fences (so to speak) when I build
>the tank. Placing a piece of plywood or plexiglass or whatever in the
>floor 2-3 inches tall. Put down the substrate and then gravel or sand
>and just cover the fence so doesn't show. I know this wouldn't work
>with plants such as Chain Swords, they would grow over the fence. Do
>you think it would work with plants like Vals? Mine tried to take over
>one of my tanks.

I wouldn't use plywood.  I wouldn't trust either the wood or the glues
used.  plexiglass or glass will work fine, however.   Plexiglass has the
slight advantage that you can make curved lines with it rather than just
straight lines with it.  Dividers won't completely stop plants from
"hopping the fence", but you should be able to weed out invaders pretty

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association