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What A Pest!

Recently, I set up my 250 litre planted tank with plants salvaged from my
disaster tank. The plants are all doing well and new shoots, leaves and
runners are appearing.

While I cycle my tank (1 week) I added 2 Siamese Algae Eaters (small-4cm)
to control algae. Are they safe in this new tank? I intend to start
stocking Cardinals only after 4 weeks.

My problem? I added some fresh Cabombas, 12 stalks bought from my LFS and
examined them visually. They seemed free from pest, but after adding them,
my Echinodorus and Nymphaea lotus leaves, and young shoots were devoured. A
tiny worm (caterpillar- like pest) would cut the leaves, fold them to make
a cacoon.

I physically removed as much as I could (about 15 worms in their cacoon and
removed the Cabombas (many of their tiny leaves were stuck in clumps).

What is the best way to remove these pest from new plants, and how can I
get rid of them in a tank void of predatory fishes?

Kenny Song
Penang, Malaysia 
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