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Large Swords

In response to my questions about large swords, Ed Hengel wrote:

"Could be the age of the lights. <snip> I figured that the swords were
reaching for the light once the bulbs became less intense.  I'll be
changing the bulbs soon and will then see if they make a difference in
the way the sword plants grow."

I wondered the same thing since my VHO lights are about 8 months old.
However, I discounted that as a reason due to the fact that two
months ago, I added VHO lighting to another tank which contains
offspring of the plants that are growing so tall in my other tank . Both
tanks have about 3 w/g.  Since adding the new VHO lights, the offspring
have started to reach out of the tank too. This leads me to believe that it
is the type of plant (as Karen R. suggested) rather than the age of  the

Please let me know any differences you may experience once you change
your bulbs.


Ken Guin
Kenguin at homemail_com