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Large Swords

In response to a question I had regarding large swords, Karen Randall

"It sounds to me that the species of Echinodorusr that you have (in all
likelihood, E. bleheri) is simply too big for your tank.  <snip> There
are other swords that stay smaller, and would be a better bet for
replanting<snip>. There is really no way to "prune" the height of a
sword, although you can somewhat control its girth by judicious
removal of the outer leaves.  The only way to control the height is
to change conditions to limit growth. <snip>"

Thanks Karen for your input. I strongly suspected that pruning was
not the solution to the problem, and as you may have suspected, I
do not want to start playing with my tanks' chemistry to "stunt" growth.

Although I don't know the Latin names for the swords I have (I know
I should), I do know I have more than one type. The one that has
gotten outrageous in size was sold to me as an "Amazon sword"
(what did I know?), and it has lived up to its name. Another that has
gotten out-of-hand is called a "ruffled" sword.

I also agree that the Ocelot sword is a good choice. So far, it has
stayed inside the aquarium, as well as the "Melon" sword I have -
although that one is starting to stretch the height limits of my aquarium.

I guess I will have to do some uprooting with the assurance that
I have learned enough from this list to take on more difficult plants
- ones that are a little more height challenged.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Ken Guin
Kenguin at homemail_com