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Re: R. macrandra and chloride

>Date: Tue, 4 Aug 1998 15:24:11 -0500 
>From: "Hutton, Don" <DHutton at omnipoint_com>
>Subject: R. macrandra and chloride
>I use 1 tbsp of calcium chloride (Kent turbo calcium) per 25 gallons of
>RO water in my aquarium and my R. macrandra grows well.  It maintains
>bright red coloration and requires frequent pruning.
And which is the final concentration of chloride in aquarium water ? It
seems to me that your 25 RO water gallons are for the water change ...
Anyway Rotala is growing well in my tank with only 8-10ppm of Cl- while in
the other little tank I had 25-30ppm of Cl- .

Luca Specchio