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Re: Nasty bugs - Giardia


>From: walter at flashmag_com (Walter Jeffries)
>To: Aquatic-Plants at actwin_com
>Subject: Re: Nasty bugs - Giardia
>Date: Tue, 4 Aug 98 20:30:21 EST
>> In Sydney, Australia this last week there has been a reported 'giardia'
>> outbreak in the cities' water supply.  To the non-technical water people
>> My point is, are there similar 'nasties' found in tap water around the
>> world that would infect our freshwater fish and plants?  If so, is there
>> anything we can do about it, or do we just hope that we never get any of
>You may want to contact someone in the government in Vermont in the
>USA. I live in Vermont. Giardia is common here, especially in beaver
>ponds. My understanding (and surely someone will correct me... :) )
>is that people who are around it build up a tolerance/resistance to
>it like with many things. My family, and most around here, drink
>water from supplies like surface springs, ponds, etc which may have
>giardia in them with no ill effect. But, my father in law came here
>from the city in Michigan, where they don't have it, drank our water,
>and got sick and was diagnosed as having giardia as the cause.
>I don't have an address for you to contact but you could start with a
>web search on something like Vermont and Giardia and ... and you
>might get something useful or contact someone in the Vermont state
>government which probably has a web site (sorry but I'm not 'online'
>right now (I use uucp mail) so I can't check at this moment.
>My understanding is that chlorine kills giardia and that it is large
>and can be filtered out but that is a vague memory from reading about
>it years ago...