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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #425

>Anyone have experience with or have any thoughts about the GE "Plant and
>Aquarium" bulbs? They seem moderately priced but I don't know how good
>they are.

I use two GE plant & aquarium bulbs and one GE Gro&Sho (total:
20+20+33=73whatts) on a 27 gallons aquarium.

The plants seem to love it. The combination has been there two week now and
I get lots of oxygen bubbles (didn't get them before with 1 ultralume and 1
vitalite and the Gro&Sho, but the 2 non GE bulbs where old...)I get some
red coloration and much curlier leaves. I could really tell a major

The color is a bit pinkish to my taste, though but the plants love it, so I
will adapt!

hope this helps