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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #428

Subject: Re: Identification Book
 Neil wrote:
> For ID purposes, I highly recommend the brand new book by Pablo Tepoot -
> "Aquarium Plants, The Practical Guide." 
> It has some of the BEST, most realistic pictures of individual aquarium plants
> that I have ever seen. They are so vivid and true to life that they
> literally jump off the page. The detail of each and every picture is
> unbelievable.

> I must give the book a mixed review.  I
> have several significant problems with some of the text.

I agree, the pictures are outstanding, however I would have liked to
have seen more of the plants in their emersed form rather than
submersed, since that is how we usually grow them.  I also agree that
there are few problems with the text, not the least of which is it's
dogmatic tone.  Just one example of this is as follows: "When you turn
the lights off, it is imperative that you also deactivate your carbon
dioxide injection system." (p13) This is just not so.  I leave mine on
all the time, as I sure many of you do, with no problems.
That being said, It's one of the finest ID books (in english) I've seen.

Most of the photo's were of plants provided by Florida Aquatic Nursery. 
If your LFS does business with them they can get the book for you.  I
paid $50.

Ed Hengel