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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #427

> Subject: Large Swords
> Recently, most of my Amazon Swords have started generating leaves that are
> much too tall for my 110 gallon (20 inches tall) tank.  Up until now, the
> Swords, which are about a year old, have remained compact and just tall
> enough for the tank.  I am using VHO lights (330 watts of Aqua Suns) that
> have been over the tank for eight months. 

Could be the age of the lights.  I also use VHO Aqua Suns (190W over 55
gal) and had a similar thing happen about the same time.  The plant came
from a tank with less light and was growing tall, when it was moved to
the high light tank it became compact and robust but then changed back
to growing tall after about 10 months. I figured that the swords were
reaching for the light once the bulbs became less intense.  I'll be
changing the bulbs soon and will then see if they make a difference in
the way the sword plants grow.

Ed Hengel