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Lagarosiphon mad.

Luca Specchio ordered Lagarosiphon
madagascariensis from Dennerle and when it arrived,
it didn't look like the pictures of T. Amano's tanks.

I had a similar experience:  I ordered the Lag. mad.
from Pets Warehouse and what I received looked like
either a different species of Lagarosiphon or a species
of Elodea.  Its leaves were wider than those in the
Amano pictures, which are extremely narrow and
filiform.  The leaves also appeared shorter on my plant
and they distincly curved downwards.  Altogether, not
a very attractive plant; I didn't end up keeping it.

I would still like to find Lag. mad. that looks like the one
in Amano's pictures...but, the search continues.

Roxanne Bittman