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Lagarosiphon Madascariensis

Dear list,

I'm looking for a plant that Mr. Amano is using quite often in his
beautiful aquascapes. He calls it Lagarosiphon Madascariensis but it seems
to be not the right scientific name or, at least, there are more than one
subspecies of this plant. Infact I ordered the Lagarosiphon Madascariensis
from Dennerle plant nursery (L04 on Dennerle catalog) but when it arrived,
it looked completely different from the Amano Lagarosiphon. His
Lagarosiphon is more similar to Tropica Hydrotriche hottoniiflora
(http://www.tropica.dk/42.htm ) but its stem is thinner and the leaves are
smaller too.
I'm posting as attachs 2 pictures of Lagarosiphon that Amano uses in his
tanks on the newsgroup news://rec.aquaria.freshwater.plants cuz - I think -
I cannot send any attach to the AP list. If you can't find them on the
newgroup, I'll send by e-mail to who want to see them.
And I'm asking you all if you can recognize it, and if you know where I can
find it. Thanks very very much! :-)

Luca Specchio