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gymnotid and caecilian inquiry

sorry for the non-plant post, but there are two critters one sometimes
see in the local shops and i need help with them.  one is a gymnotid,
i.d.'ed as "trumpet nosed knifefish", an electric fish from south
america, they are very pretty, marbled dark maroon and lighter brown body
with an elongated snout.  i had 3 once but they lived for a few weeks
only.  the caecilian is the rubber eel (Typhlonectes), not a fish but
sometimes on sale in petshops.  i wanted to know the scientific name of
the first one, (can't find it in any books) and i wanted to know if
either one can be raised in aquariums or if i should stay away from them.
would also like to know if anyone has had success keeping gymnotids in
general (transparent knife, black ghost etc.)

any info would be greatly appreciated.  thank you.

tsuh yang chen, new york city

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