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Re: CO2 distribution

>From: Dave Gomberg <gomberg at wcf_com>
>  Distribute the gas from the AROs by
>silicone or conventional air hose.  The latter does not do well with strong
>oxidizing agents over long periods, but is fine with acids (CO2 in the
>presence of water).

I have "been told" that conventional air hose is not good for CO2 because
it will diffuse out.  Supposedly, not true for silicone and some other
materials. Vinyl also gets brittle with age and this 'may' affect the
diffusion. Comments or references? 
Even if true, I now wonder about speed of the diffusion. Maybe it is of no
practical significance for aquarium applications unless the length of
tubing is high and the gas residence time is long. For example, if there is
a 1 percent exchange in 1 hour, we would not care.