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RE: Arcillite

Hi Dave,

I've just set up (2 weeks ago) a 30 gallon tank using Arcillite in 
the form of "Profile Aquatic Plant Soil."  I used a 1.5" to 2" layer
of arcillite, covered by a 1-2" layer of sand (0.5-3mm in diameter).

Too early to say much about plant growth, but I can see Hygrophila
polysperma putting down a few roots into the arcillite already, and
some Crypt. wendtii are putting out lots of new leaves.

The package claims this stuff won't cloud water - this is mostly true.
I've had no cloudiness at all upon initial planting and upon moving
a few plants around 1 week later.  But if you put a handful in a tub
of water and stir it up well, the water does cloud up some.  I washed the
grains several times before putting it in the tank, but the water still
wouldn't run off clear after being washed and stirred several times.  
Oh well, I don't stir my tanks vigorously.  :)

If you do a search in the APD archives, I think a couple of folks 
posted a while back about arcillite.


> Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 10:35:14 -0400 (EDT)
> From: "David Thomas Gauthier" <gauthie9 at pilot_msu.edu>
> Subject: Arcillite

> Hello..

> A friend of mine just came back from a local greenhouse with some "Aquatic
> Plant Growing Media."  I forgot to write down the brand name.  It is described
> as a 100% mineral soil, and makes a bunch of other claims
> that all basically say that it has a high CEC, no organics, and no effect on
> pH.  The guaranteed analysis states that it is 100% Arcillite.  Anyone had any
> experience with this stuff?  Any geologists out there have any ideas as to what
> it is composed of?

>                                         Rgds
>                                         Dave Gauthier
>                                         gauthie9 at pilot_msu.edu