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Light and R. macrandra

>Neil Frank wrote....
>>Here is another point of view. 
>>I use no more than 2 watts per gallon and I can grow just about anything
>>that I want too. The plants that I have the most trouble with are some
>>species of Cryptocoryne, but who doesn't <g> I also have one tank with
>>crypts, chain swords and "blood red" Rotala macrandra with ~1 w/Gal.

David Whittaker wrote:

>I know that you have mentioned this before. I find it amazing.

Me too, but I've seen it with my own eyes.

>Rotala macrandra requires a lot of (metal halide) light in my tanks.

That's my experience as well, although I can provide enough light with lots
of fluorescent tubes.  I'd love to hear of other people who are growing R.
macrandra _well_ in low light conditions.  (by well, I mean thick stems,
full sized leaves and deep Magenta color.  I keep it in a tank with 2w/g
too, and it has never failed, but the stems are thin, and it is mostly
green, with just a hint of pink at the top and around the edges) 

I'd love to see what these tanks have in common.