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Re: Iron Question

> Date: Sat, 1 Aug 1998 09:12:07 -0500
> From: "Brad Bloomquist" <ivoryboxers at willmar_com>
> Subject: Lost address and no answer to Iron questions
> I wrote the other day about my chronic iron deficiency using Liquid Gold.
> Anyone else have this problem?

Brad,I assume you meant "Natural Gold Aquatic Plant Fertilizer".

My experience leads me to ask which iron test kit you are
using.  Natural Gold is easily detectable using a Hach Iron
Test Kit. It is a fairly expensive test kit but works very well.
In addition it is not readily available in the "trade".

Many of the test kits presently being used do not reliably
indicate chelated iron.  In addition, the reagent shelf life is
very short.

In the near future, Schoeler Enterprises will have an inexpensive
iron test kit which will provide instantaneous indication of the
level of chelated iron in aquarium water.  The shelf life of the
reagent is four years.

This is my response to a number of questions regarding proper
iron levels.  I did not wish to enter the test kit market, but have
finally decided to do so.

I have tested many water samples from hobbyists who stated
that they could get no reading from their present test kit.  In
every case I was able to get an immediate reading with the
new test kit.

List Owner:  Please accept my apologies if this appears to be
advertising.  It is not.  I will continue to limit my responses to
explanation of proper product applications.

Karl R. Schoeler