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CO2 distribution

At 03:48 AM 8/1/98 -0400,  Jean Olson wrote:
>Subject: Re: CO2 Manifold
>First, you do NOT want to distribute the CO2 gas, either in copper or PVC, at
>high pressure. 
>PVC could certainly hold "3 inches of water" pressures!  In fact, it can be a
>bit difficult to find leaks at such low pressures. :-/
>In fact, at the low flow rates, you could probably use ordinary Silicone
>Air Line Tubing and valves.

In fact, all you need is a regulator to drop the pressure to 2-3psi (24-36"
of water) and one ARO valve per tank.  You make the manifold body from pvc,
with one barb inlet and as many ARO outlets as tanks.  Plus a couple to
grow on.  Cap both ends of the pvc.  Distribute the gas from the AROs by
silicone or conventional air hose.  The latter does not do well with strong
oxidizing agents over long periods, but is fine with acids (CO2 in the
presence of water).

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