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You might like to take a look at:

 (Look under Insect Growth Regulators (IGR), Diflubenzuron
 and Lufenuron)

 (Look for Diflubenzuron)

According to "Koi Health and Disease" by Dr. Erik L. Johnson,
D.V.M., Dimilin is non toxic to fish, plants, man or animals.

If you cannot get Diflubenzuron (trade name - Dimilin, Micromite),
you might like to try Lufenuron (trade name - PROGRAM) available
from your Vet.

Not sure whether Lufenuron is non toxic to fish, plants, man or
animals and whether Diflubenzuron or Lufenuron would be effective
against Aphids.

I have not used any of the above so try it if you dare AT YOUR

Casey Huang   

>Date: Thu, 30 Jul 1998 11:39:47 EDT
>From: RASNM at aol_com
>Subject: Aphids/pond fish
>Hello everyone, my name is Ron I live in Albquqerque NM and I am a pond and
>fish novice.
>I have a 450 gal pond with basically 5 gold fish and many aquatic plants. This
>morning I discovered aphids on my potted "Water Plantain".

>Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 15:28:37 EDT
>From: JOlson8590 at aol_com
>Subject: Getting rid of aphids
>It is apparently the "time of year" for aphids to appear on water lettuce,
>Jean Olson
>JOlson8590 at AOL_com