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Re: Red Rotala lighting requirements

>>I know that you have mentioned this before. I find it amazing.
>>Rotala macrandra requires a lot of (metal halide) light in my tanks.
>>What other conditions do you provide?
>This particular 70 gal tank (18"x48"x18") has a peat substrate (which is
>now over 5 years old); 80 watts flourescent (1 GrowLUX, 1 Triton) plus
>triton enhangers (the polished reflectors)...now using 2 tritons.... colors
>are MUCH nicer! I will report back if any change in Rotala; weekly trace
>elements + K; biweekly water changes (25%); minimal CO2 injected; DH has
>ranged from 2-8 from varying amounts of CaCO3(pH changes accordingly). A
>couple dozen small fish and correspondingly small amount of dry fish food

I should make another point.

Rotala likes to grow up to the surface and then continues to grow with its
boyant leaves floating along the surface. The leaves get larger and
possibly redder the closer it gets to the light, and actually are at their
best when they are growing on the surface. Then they have their nicest
fluffy appeareance. This is the stuff that goes into the club auctions and
gets most of the oohs and ahhs! The compulsive replanter can also keep the
Rotala garden at its best by recyling this top material.

A factor that I mentioned but did not emphasize is the shape of this tank
(18 x 48 x 18). And that it has a relatively deep (2.5-3 inch) substrate.
If the water column was deeper, the same 80 watts might not be sufficient,
at least until the stems got tall enought and then the difference between
the lower leaves and upper ones would be more apparent. Another VERY
related point is that this tank is at or above eye level. It is on the top
level of a 3 tank stand. So, the viewer tends not to focus on the lower