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Re: CO2 Manifold

First, you do NOT want to distribute the CO2 gas, either in copper or PVC, at
high pressure. Here in the "boonies," where almost all of us heat with a
combination of LP gas and wood, there are TWO regulators on the LP tanks. The
first one drops the pressure to about 12 pounds per square inch.  The second
one drops it to about three inches of water, and is located where the higher
pressure line meets the dwelling. 

PVC could certainly hold "3 inches of water" pressures!  In fact, it can be a
bit difficult to find leaks at such low pressures. :-/

I would personally prefer to use copper, sweat soldered together or with
compression fittings, as it is very flexible, fairly economical, and is IMHO,
a little easier to work with when you have to run the lines at odd angles and
in odd positions to several tanks. PVC just doesn't appreciate being bent.
Quarter inch copper should easily pass the small amount of CO2 that we use. In
fact, at the low flow rates, you could probably use ordinary Silicone Aquarium
Air Line Tubing and valves. Ordinary clear aquarium air tubing has a
reputation for failing when odd things, such as CO2, is run through it. This
is, of course, "assuming" that you are using the LOW pressures I mentioned

Just passing on some ideas.

Jean Olson
JOlson8590 at AOL_com