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cheap chiller

>Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 10:38:53 -0000
>From: "AHodge" <ahodge at alltel_net>
>Subject: cheap chiller
>Here's an idea most of you can use to bring down your tank temps. a couple
>of degrees.

Well,another way we use often over here in tropical Singapore is the fan
Attaching a small box fan (used for VTR or computers) to blow down or
across the water surface,many of us have been successful in bring down
temperatures by as much as 3-4C,putting a tank to about 28 to 29C during
real hot days (35C).
This way,u don't even have to worry about returning home to change bottles.
The fan can even be connected to timer switches so that it can be
programmed to come on at certain times while u're away at work. :-)

But of course,hearing about the Florida temperatures nowadays,u might be
looking at bringing things down to 30C? ;-)