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Re: Red Rotala lighting requirements

>From: ac554 at freenet_carleton.ca (David Whittaker)
>>I also have one tank with
>>crypts, chain swords and "blood red" Rotala macrandra with ~1 w/Gal.
>I know that you have mentioned this before. I find it amazing.
>Rotala macrandra requires a lot of (metal halide) light in my tanks.
>What other conditions do you provide?

This particular 70 gal tank (18"x48"x18") has a peat substrate (which is
now over 5 years old); 80 watts flourescent (1 GrowLUX, 1 Triton) plus
triton enhangers (the polished reflectors)...now using 2 tritons.... colors
are MUCH nicer! I will report back if any change in Rotala; weekly trace
elements + K; biweekly water changes (25%); minimal CO2 injected; DH has
ranged from 2-8 from varying amounts of CaCO3(pH changes accordingly). A
couple dozen small fish and correspondingly small amount of dry fish food
daily. Really nothing special, except maybe my green thumb <g> .... or
should I say "red thumb" <VBG>

--Neil Frank, AGA