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Large tank advice (off topic?)

Kudzu wrote:

<<Well to solve one problem we started talking about putting a

120-180 gallon with a nice stand as a room divider. The more we talked

and sketched we started thinking about a custom built 8 foot long

tank. Probably 18 inches wide and not sure on the height. >>

Be sure your floor can take the weight. A 180 gallon tank with substrate,
stand, hood, and water will weigh close to a ton. The affect of the weight
will be influenced by the way the underlaying floor beams are oriented. IOW,
if the tank is parallel to ONE beam, it will be worse than if the weight of
the tank is applied in a crossways manner to many beams. I bring this up
because you want to use the tank as a "room divider," which implies the tank
will be in the middle of a room, out quite a ways from the walls. You can
safely put more weight near the walls. (Assuming there is a major beam running
under the wall, with cross-members supporting the floor.)

You might need to install one or more of those "adjustable metal columns" in
the basement. :-)

Or, you could amuse yourselves by dropping marbles on the floor and watching
them rapidly roll towards the tank! <ggggg> 

Now, after all that fuss - - - - - It certainly would be a pretty room

Hope this is helpful.

Jean Olson
JOlson8590 at AOL_com