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Getting rid of aphids

It is apparently the "time of year" for aphids to appear on water lettuce,

Just wondering - - - - I have tried turning plants upside down, so the fish
could pick the aphids off the leaves. Didn't work very well. I even tried to
convince the plants that they were in China, therefor were NOT upside down. I
discovered that Aquatic Plants (a) don't appreciate having their roots out of
the water, (b) are quite good at quickly turning right side up again, and (c)
a number of them are heavily predated by aphids.  This is troublesome in the
summer, but often becomes a real problem when "outdoor summering" plants are
brought in before frost. 

Has anyone tried tying lead fishing weights, rocks, etc. to such plants and
holding them underwater for about 24 hours while the fish feast on the aphids?
I haven't, and at the moment don't have any floating plants with aphids, but
apparently some of the folks on the APL do.

Any opinions or experiences here?


Jean Olson
JOlson8590 at AOL_com