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Fwd : [plantnutx] Re: Stripped Down Tank (.

>Subject: [plantnutx] Re: Stripped Down Tank (.
>From: Kenny Song ()
>Sent: Friday, 31 July 1998

>Like KC mentioned...when you saw the fishes gulping for air, I think it's 
>related to a excess CO2 problem, causing O2 deprivation and sudden
>of PH. Pls let us know your CO2, PH and KH levels taken at that point in 
>time if you had.

Hi Roy,
I don't think it was excess CO 2 because that was kept constant all the
time. PH was at 6.8 but did not measure PH and KH. I think it was a
bacteria bloom from the dead suckers decomposing and a slight over feeding
2 days before. When I saw them gulping, I off the CO 2 and added aeration.
>When fishes die, and after several hours (a day?), fungus attack will set 
>in and they will be covered with these white velvety stuff....It may not 
>have necessarily caused its death, but a consequence after death

No, they were covered white and still alive with clamped fins and inactive.