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cheap chiller

Here's an idea most of you can use to bring down your tank temps. a couple
of degrees.  
   Use two 2 liter plastic soda bottles, (or smaller for smaller tanks) 
almost completely filled with water and frozen.  Put one in before you
leave for work, near the outtake of your filter. Or float in the corner of
your tank.  When you get home switch bottles, put the melted one back in
the freezer and the frozen one in your tank.  Remember the frozen plastic
bottles will displace quite a bit of water, please allow for this.
   I put mine in my wet/dry hidden from view beneath the tank, but the
bottles could be placed in the filter box, if you use smaller soda bottles.
     I can't take credit for this and I wish I could remember the guy's
name who told me about it but it's been a real help during the high temps.
we've had here in Florida.
     It's pulled my tank temps. from the low 80's to around 78 degrees.  It
depends on how many bottles you use and how often you switch the melted
bottles as to how low you can maintain your tank temps.  I've found one 2
liter switched twice a day is enough to maintain my tank at 78 degrees.
   I really hope this will help some of you that could use the lower tank
temps.  If you like my suggestion send money;)  Just kidding send checks!