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Re: Tank repair

Jeff writes:

> So far epoxied has failed to hold joint and gluing in a piece of glass
>  from the front of the frame to the back of the frame failed. I am out
>  of ideas and need some help.  I dot no the manufacturer or I would try
>  to get a new frame. Anyone ever actually repaired one? Any good ideas?
>  Anyone know what they glue these joints with at the factory?

Every frame I have messed with is made from the same kind of plastic as model
airplanes and cars.  Thus I would suggest "solvent welding" with airplane
glue.  It doesn't really "glue the pieces together, it actually melts the
plastic where applied.  You stick the two melted edges together, and wait for
the solvent to evaporate.  Then it is solid again.  There is a product I have
used around the house called "Goop", which smells like it contains the same
solvents, but it is thicker, ans has other glue-like things included.  In
either case, wait long enough that you are sure the solvents have all
evaporated, then wait another two weeks beyond that, then decide whether it is
safe to add fish.

Bob Dixon