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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #418

At 03:48 PM 7/30/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Date: Thu, 30 Jul 1998 11:30:31 -0500
>From: "Kudzu" <Kudzu at airnet_net>
>Subject: Tank repair
>I have a 60 gallon that I am trying to repair for a friend. The
>plastic frame on the top is not one piece. It has mitered corners (cut
>at 45 degrees and joined) and one of these joints has failed.


I wold suggest you to use silicon to glue the top frame and glass.
You can find at the Canadian Tire or hardware sotre, but you must be
extremely carefull to read all the small type on the tube because a lot of
them say that you should not use them in aquariums because thety can be
toxic, so make really sure. And buy the transparent one, it looks better.

Also, very important, ungloo all you must fix and cleat thouroughly until
it is not greassy anymore (i use Windex with extreme caution and rince it a
lot after). When you glue back with the silicon, let i dry for a least 24
hours before moving the aquarium. and  48 to 72 to put water in to test it.

hope it helps
don't hesitate to call me for more questions.