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>for 10 and 20 (or 29) gallons, the only fixtures available are the single
>15 and 20 watt ones, respectively.  what are the other options?  are
>there double fixtures for such tank sizes?

I just bought a Perfecto double bulb hood for my 29 gal tank from Pet
Warehouse that I'm really pleased with. All-glass has just come out with
new double bulb hoods (you could find those at your local pet store,
probably). Perfecto has double bulb hoods (fits from 15 gal to 135 gals)
and strip lights from 24" to 48" long (fits from 15 gal to ~90 gals. You
can look at All-glass's web page (can't remember the address) or Petware
house's page at http://www.petwhse.com.

Good luck. I just bought a second hood and more lights today -- real
plants, here we come!

Dru Fenster
Juneau, AK
spectrum at alaska_net