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Another newbie question :-)


Thanks for the advice George, I see your point about the stem plants :-) I
only really want to use stems in the back few inches of the tank as I'm too
boring to try any of those interesting background ideas that I read about
here. The reason I listed so many was that I thought I was supposed to plant
in bunches of 4 or 5 stems, I guess that was wrong :-)

I'll put some fast growers on the list. Now I'm ordering less plants I'll
have to pay postage :-( Talking of which, has anyone tried "Green Line
Aquatics Direst" in england for mail-order plants? They claim that they
supply plants that are fresh and in good condition. Another thing I read on
George's page: Sometimes mail-order plant companies screw-you :-(

Andy Holmes   West Sussex, ENGLAND (Where's it's verrrrry windy!)

andyholmes at btinternet_com

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