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Stripped Down Tank (Long)

Hi everyone, 
I'm new to the list and was searching for answers when I found this mailing
list. Maybe someone could confirm if I'm doing the right thing. 

I have a 150-liter tank using a 150 watts MH lamp and CO 2 dosing. My
substrate had a 1 inch laterite base and 2.5 inches of gravel. All my
plants were doing well, some flowering, others sending out lots of runners
with no algae problem. I removed all stemed plants like cabomba as they
were growing too fast and shading out others. I have 50 cardinal tetras. 4
clown loach, 4 Corydoras, 4 black mollies, 2 Siamese suckers and 6 male
guppies. I did weekly change of 40% fresh water. My tank was 4 months old
when disaster striked.

Both my suckers died without me noticing. Next morning, I saw my live
bearers were gulping for air but I thought it was not serious and will look
into it when I come back from work (didn't know 2 suckers missing).

Evening and 4 of my guppies were dead covered with white velvety stuff, 2
clown loach dead under a driftwood and 1 molly dead. I took out all fishes,
drained tank and refilled with fresh water. I treated the fishes and all
was saved.

I did complete change of tank water for the next 3 days. Then I tested by
puttng in the 3 Mollies, off the Co 2 and added aeration. By morning, they
fell ill again.

I left the tank without fish for 2 weeks and tried again. This time was
worst. One hour and my Mollies were covered with white stuff.

1. Is this a fungal or bacteria attack since I don't think its parasitic.
2. Can I treat tanks with healthy plants for such situation?
3. When my isolated fishes show no more signs of desease, how can I know
they are completely cured?

My remedy.
Out of frustration, I removed all substrate, dipped my plants for 10
minutes in diluted pottasium permanganate, disinfected the tank,
driftwoods, all powerheads and nets with strong pp.
I then set up with fresh substrate, replanted my plants and if is now
sitting for break in period.

When is it safe to put my fishes back in or will the fishes cause another
outbreak (fear)?

Pleas advice me if I did the right thing or did I miss anything? I am
terribly stressed by all this. TIA.