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Re: double fixtures

In a message dated 98-07-29 20:36:48 EDT, Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com

 for lighting, you suggested the 2 watts per gallon formula.  that means
 that a double-40 watt fixture is not enough for a 55 gallon tank.  where
 does one get a triple light fixture?>>

Sorry I never saw a triple myself either.  But I use a formula of gallons
times 24 = watt hours.  Therefore for the 55 gallon you need 1320 watt
hours and dividing that by 80 watts you get 16.5 hours per day.  This is
only a rough number and needs to be adjusted down if you have effecient
tubes like the chroma 50's or a few others.  
 f<<or 10 and 20 (or 29) gallons, the only fixtures available are the single
 15 and 20 watt ones, respectively.  what are the other options?  are
 there double fixtures for such tank sizes? >>

I'm using doubles on my 29's and 30 gallon tanks.  Thing is they use 
20 watt tubes only so were back to the formula.  But even with the formuula
I find that running 14 to 16 hours a day seems to be almost ideal rather than
the 18 hours from the formula.  18 hours just gives to much algea for
my desire.