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CO2 setup

At 03:48 AM 7/29/98 -0400, Brian Schlindwein asked: 
>  I would like to buy all the
>stuff and assemble it.. ie.. cylinder, regulator, needle valve, CO2
>reactor.  All the ready made systems by Dupla, Eheim, and Ultralife are to
>expensive.  Can any someone direct me to the right place to acquire, and
>assemble all of the items?

Sure.  Like everything else, once you have the answers it is easy.

Cylinder:  Welding supply company
Regulator:  Home beer brewing supply (be sure to ask for one with a very
low output pressure, say 0-10 pounds.   A two stage regulator will not fail
when the pressure drops like a single stage regulator will, it is your call
about the money).
Needle valve:  I have one ARO left, email me for details.
Reactor:  I am pretty happy with an Aqualine-Buschke that I modified.
Pretty easy to modify.  If I had it to do over again, I would go with the
Dupla sintered glass diffuser.   The Point Four is too expensive (it is for
a 200 gallon tank).  The Amano is too much too (the yen is high).

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