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Just another anoying newbie question :-)


I'm trying to set up a plant tank with fish from Amazonia. I have tried to
get a list of plant species from this area but failed so have tried to
select species from either south america or somewhere on the american
continent. The tank is 36" long by 18" high and 15" deep(front-to-back).
Following advice from the web (George's page I think), I want to plant the
tank heavily to begin with. Here is what I was thinking of getting, any
comments would be greatly appreciated. The names are taken from the plant
catalogue I have.

25 Cabomba aquatica
25 Cabomba australis
25 Cabomba piauhyensis
25 Eleocharis vivipara
25 Myriophyllum matogrossense
10 Echinodorus grisbachii
15 Echinodorus tenellus
10 Sagittaria pussilus
4 Salvania natans
15 Alternathera rosaefolia
3 Echinodorus paniculatus
2 Echinodorus tropica parviflorius

Just one other thing, what is the current recommended mix for PMDD? I have
seen at least two different recipes and would like to know what is the best
to start-out with, I know I will probabily have to adjust it over time.

Andy Holmes   West Sussex, ENGLAND

andyholmes at btinternet_com

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