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Re:Shedding some light

David wrote;
>Hi all,
I am desperately seeking information on how to "wire up" a fluorescent
light for my 6x2x2 plant tank. I am after a double (ie 4 x 3' tubes)
light and am considering some DIY. After an extensive search of the
net I came up with a big zero... lots of fragments, tantalizing
snippets on DIY lighting, but none willing to explain it from
beginning to end. I would love to hear from someone who has wired up
their own lights or knows a site where such info is available. 
First, I think you should use staggered 4' tubes instead of 3' tubes. 
There is a much wider choice of 4 tubes available and they generally
cost less.

The wiring diagrams for the fluorescent tubes are on the ballasts and
are relatively simple.  If you don't understand these diagrams then
you shouldn't consider wiring up your own hood even if you have step
by step instructions. What you could do is buy a system that comes
pre-wired with end caps and a switch.  The leads to the end caps are
long so it is relatively easy to install them in a hood.

Jim Spencer
Sayre, PA

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