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aquatic compost

Hello Folks,
I gave up growing white worms in a cigar box many years ago.  I no longer
dig for tubifex worms in some stinky swamp.   I like my aquatic plants and
I am not going to pursue the manufacturing  of  aquatic ompost for my
aquarium.  After all, this is America where we like to put our money on the
counter and expect  a package with easy-to-follow instructions, such as one
drop per gallon.  I now feed a high quality flake food and I have a  
choice of a variety of  frozen food which hopefully is  bacteria free,
odorless, and neatly packaged.  But, seriously folks, if you are interested
in fertilizing rooted aquarium plants, contact  Hedwige and Gerhard Walther
in Germany. Their fax number is    011-49-6533-94530.    This man makes his
living  manufacturing products for maximum plant growth.  He has recently
come up with a powder which is made into a slurry and then injected with a
syringe around the roots of aquarium plants.  I have received glowing
reports of the results.  If you can communicate in German, it would be
easier.  He and his wife, Hedwige, can handle English, but it is a
struggle.  Have fun......................Harry Wagner..............